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Vessel 0250

Vessel 0250

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This special vessel features a Rose Engine carved cap with an ornamental grip on the sidewalls.

We inlaid a stunning Stainless Damascus Steel medallion into the top surface and crowned it all with a natural Peridot gemstone set in an 18K gold bezel of our signature design.

The body of this vibrant vessel was also carved on our antique Rose Engine. It features a playful kite pattern that compliments the cap perfectly.

Another unique and finely crafted vessel --for your most precious cargo! 




Diameter 1-3/8" X 2.2" Tall

Care Information

Our Astral Vessels are made from modern aircraft-grade aluminum that we carve, engrave and ornament using a variety of metalworking techniques, from ancient to modern. Our designs will sparkle like new for years thanks to the anodizing that illuminates, colors and hardens the surfaces, shielding the vessel from corrosion, abrasion and light impact.

Treating your vessels with care and taking simple precautions can go a long way toward preserving their beauty and function. The pouch and packaging included with your vessel offer significant protection during transportation or storage.

To prevent damage to non-metal components from thermal expansion and contraction, ALWAYS STORE YOUR ASTRAL VESSEL AT ROOM TEMPERATURE.

Consult the product literature to determine what materials are included in your vessel and proceed as indicated by clicking HERE. Be sure to use the right method for each material. If you have any questions or doubts about how to proceed please contact us before you start.

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