Crafted for Your Most Precious Cargo.

We harness metalworking techniques from the 17th through 21st centuries and Renaissance designs based on Sacred Geometry to create an ever-changing array of the finest quality decorative containers available today.

Our jewelers and engravers use antique machinery and the timeless art of hand fabrication alongside 3D-printing, CNC machining and laser fabrication at our Colorado workshop in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

The Andromeda Series

Each vessel in our Andromeda Series is individually designed and intricately carved with patterns long reserved for fine watches and Fabergé eggs. Every cap is crowned with an original and integral ornament of the Jeweler's Art, ranging from the whimsical to exquisite.

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    Ornamental Turning machinery like ours first appeared during the Renaissance


    Our metalsmithing techniques range from the ancient to the modern


    Our craft was practiced by Kings and Queens of Europe, and in the workshops of Faberge

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