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Become an Astral Vessels Authorized Retailer

Whether your customers are drawn to finely crafted and original designs, or enjoy artistry in new and functional forms, or hope to discover something unexpected in your showcases, they will find it all in the sparkling patterns of an Astral Vessel!

Astral Vessels offers competitive wholesale pricing to our Authorized Retailers through our online catalog of artful vessel designs. We back it up with long experience and stellar service!

All licensed resellers with a public showroom and a history of retail sales and service are invited to apply.

Our Simple 3-Step Application Process:

1. Agree to our Authorized Retailer Terms
2. Fill Out our Online Application
3. Complete an Initial Wholesale Purchase of 10 vessels or more totaling at least $2500

After your initial purchase you can place wholesale orders anytime with no minimums, and remain an Authorized Retailer with just a few annual purchases.

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